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General information on Forest Pathology Student Travel Award

The Forest Pathology Student Travel Award was established in 2004 to support and encourage the participation of exceptional Forest Pathology students at the APS annual meetings. Since Robert Hartig’s first writings on Forest Pathology in 1874, the interchange among professionals in multiple disciplines, such as Phytopathology, Genetics, and Forestry, has been indispensable to the study of Forest Pathology. This award will promote interaction with diverse students of Forest Pathology, while fostering creative approaches to research and/or teaching. In addition, this award is designed to encourage oral and/or poster presentations that enable defense and discussion of research methods, results, and conclusions. This participation will better prepare Forest Pathology students for future research, teaching, or practice.

The approaches and perspectives of Forest Pathology are unique because of the lifespan of the host, the dynamic nature of the forest stands, and the complex interactions within diverse forest ecosystems. Long-term growth and production periods promote diverse values, such as wood/fiber production, recreation, or ecosystem sustainability. Strategies for managing forest pathogens under various environments and objectives are dependent on interaction among basic and applied scientists. Concepts and philosophies exchanged at international meetings enrich participants’ understanding of Forest Pathology principles. Travel to APS annual meetings allows Forest Pathology students to present their work and interact with other plant pathologists in an international arena, thereby offering substantial long-term benefits to their future careers.

See the original announcement of this award in Phytopathology News by clicking here.


More specific information on Forest Pathology Student Travel Award

The American Phytopathological Society “Named Student Travel Funds” has been established in honor of many plant pathologists and several disciplines, including Forest Pathology (more information: http://www.apsnet.org/foundation/special.asp). At the 2000 APS Annual Meeting, we (APS Forest Pathology Committee members and other Forest Pathologists) established a Forest Pathology Student Travel Award, because it is important to encourage student participation in Forest Pathology. For this process, the Forest Pathology Committees contacted the APS Foundation and set up an account for the Forest Pathology Student Travel Award. Many forest pathologists (and others) have donated money at the APS meeting on-site or through the mail - We greatly appreciate your participation and generosity.

APS requires $10,000 in the fund before awards can be given to students. Students have to apply for the award and have to be presenting their research on a forest pathology topic; awards vary from $250 to $600 (depending on the year) per student. At the 2012 meeting, the fund balance was $9521.

Past recipients of the Forest Pathology Travel Award are:
2004: Kelly Mann, Michigan State University
2006: Matthew Kasson, University of Maine
2008: Maria Newcomb, University of Wisconsin
2010: Claudia Probst, University of Arizona
2012: Megan McConnell, University of Maryland
2013: Angela L. Dale, University of British Columbia.

We invite all of you to join us in this fund raising effort for the future Forest Pathologists and the future of Forest Pathology. Please help in any way that you can. If you plan to attend the APS Annual Meeting, please visit the APS Foundation booth near the APS Registration, and make a donation designated for the Forest Pathology Student Travel Award. If you don't plan to attend the APS Annual Meeting, please visit the following website (specify your donation to Named Student Travel Fund - Forest Pathology) http://www.apsnet.org/foundation/donationform.asp . You can also designate contributions to named travel funds when you renew your APS membership.

Also, we can also consider establishing other student travel awards that bear the name of especially influential forest pathologists (living or deceased). To do this, we need volunteers to spearhead the funding drive for each named award.

The online application process for the 2014 APS Student Travel Awards opens February 14, 2014, and will close March 21, 2014 . Students who received an award in 2013 will not be eligible for an award until 2015 . Award winners will receive $500 to support their travel to the 2014 APS-CPS Joint Meeting . Applications are due by noon CST on March 21, 2014, and advisor letters are due by noon CST on March 28, 2014 . Complete details can be found online at www .apsnet .org/members/foundation/apply/ Pages/StudentTravelAwards .aspx .


Other Student Travel Awards named for Forest Pathologists

Harold “Sande” McNabb, Jr. (Nov. 20, 1927 – May 12, 2011) Student Travel Award was established in 2011. Dr. McNabb obtained his Ph.D. from Prof. John S. Boyce at Yale, and was a faculty member at Iowa State University for 47 years. He was well-known for his devotion forest pathology teaching and research, while mentoring countless high school, undergraduate, and graduate students of diverse backgrounds. In 1989, Sande received the first APS award for Excellence in Teaching. Later in his career, Sande gave lectures on George Washington Carver around the country, and received the George Washington Carver Distinguished Services Award in 2006. Dr. McNabb"passed away in 2011, and friends and colleagues established the Sande McNabb Student Travel Award with an initial deposit of $2500. The account balance at the time of the 2012 APS meeting was $4245. APS Foundation needs $10,000 in the account before awards can be given out. Consider donating to this fund, as well.

In 2013, funds from the The Harold S. McNabb Student Travel Award and The Donald E. Munnecke Student Travel Award were combined to provide a student travel award to Catalina Salgado-Salazar, University of Maryland.